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I help my clients create the right graphic solution. From building websites, designing a complete branding concept including labels, envelopes, business cards and logos – from the start to the end, count on me. I create beautiful unique webpages, logos and identities that displays your true spirit. I like to keep it simple, stylish and highly recognizable, it is all about creating a unique brand. Websolay also provides all other services, to keep your online profile at it’s best at all time. We take care of hosting, domain and monitorize all your services 24/7, so that you can manage your business

About Me

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At a young age I started doing daily blogposts, through my blogging I got to know HTML and CSS coding. After many years of learning by doing, I took a break from my job at that time and started studying Web development and Web design, and got a big interest in making user interface and the right user experience.

Alongside my education in web integration I got a revelation – graphic design. I fast realized that is was not all about making the user interface and creating the right user experience, but also the right graphic identity. I really believe in “less is more”, even when it comes to branding. No message should drown in a confusing message, especially not yours.

My unique methods

Are you looking for a new website, with all your information in the right place and designed especially with your audience in mind ?

New logo with x-factor ?

Confused? Lost? Inexperienced? Don’t worry, I’m here to guide you all the way. Targeting audience, using visually identity, is a jungle – but together we can make it happen, but always with one goal in mind, the perfect visually identity, using just the platform you want.

My awesome skills

Web Design 90%
Development 30%
UX/UI 60%
Graphic Design 80%
Design & Frontend developer
Founder & Design specalist

Daniel Leth

I always give a personal and professional approach to every project I work on, which is why my clients keep coming back, and recommend me without any hesitation


Constant efforts to maintain top professional network and services

My qualifications spans from frontend development, graphic design and strategic planning, among these is developing the perfect identity and maintaining it for you. The right visual identity in all aspects, will take your brand identity identification to a whole new level and increase your sale.


A Digital solution is just one way to support your message and business-goals. I consider it as a naturally part of my job, to consider and contribute with all my knowledge at the very beginning of every project, through:

  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Web Design
  • Programming

Specified design and communication values increases knowledge, enhances consumer recognition and clarifies your business for potentially customers. Creating the right visual identity for you, is my core business goal, through:

  • Logo Design
  • Digital Design
  • Visuel Identitet

Creating the right strategy to combine you, your shop, identity and values in one product is a challenge, I love challenges. The main goal is to create clarity, and a solid basis for you and your business, through:

  • Naming
  • Analysis
  • Brand Architecture
  • Research

Why Choose Me ?

  • Visuel Identitet
  • Web Design
  • Brand Architecture
  • Logo Design

Logo & Identity


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